WebmasterCast is a new podcast for internet entrepreneurs. Hosted by Jennifer Moss, founder and CEO of The podcast will focus on helping individual site owners build a business. Check out our current and upcoming episodes:

Ep 1: Monetizing Your Blog

Miranda Mendoza of talks about advertising, affiliate programs, and sponsored posts.

Ep 2: Navigating the Ad Networks

All about ad networks from the publisher, network, and advertiser perspectives. With Christian Baer, co-founder of PubDev Media and TJ Stalzer and Heather Rader, co-founders of Ceres Digital Group.

Ep 3: Is PR the new Advertising?

We discuss public relations from a webmaster’s perspective with guests David Glaubke, VP Corporate Communications at Demand Media; Adrienne Arieff, Founder and Director of Arieff Communications; and Andrea Foreman, owner of Andrea Foreman PR in Chicago.

Between the Episodes: About WebmasterCast

All about this podcast.

Ep 4: Technical Debt, Spaghetti Code, and OPC (other people’s code)

Our guest is Bill Bliss, Partner Architect/Strategist at Microsoft and one of the founding members of the team that designed and built Microsoft Outlook. We chat about the definition of technical debt, how it’s accrued and how to pay it off; other people’s code, buy vs. build, and other development management issues that an internet company faces in its life cycle.

Ep 5: YOU as the Brand

To extend our discussion on PR and marketing, this episode covers creating an individual brand as a person.  We speak with Dorie Clark, branding expert and author of  “Reinventing You: Define Your Brand, Imagine Your Future,” and Jovana Grbic, founder of ScriptPhd.

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UGC & Community Management

The Power of Content

The Great Paywall & Site Subscriptions

Digital Rights Management

Gaming, Apps and IAPs

Women in Tech: Are We There Yet?

UX Marks the Spot

Customer Service is King

SEO Unfiltered

Your Site as a Business

Best Web Hosts… and more!

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